Her Story

For as long as she can remember Trishna wanted to be a singer, however, it wasn’t until 2003 when she found herself at the crossroads, that she had an opportunity to change her life and follow her heart. At that time Trishna was faced with several life changing events: the father of her two beautiful sons had a terminal illness giving him 3 months to live, her long term relationship was in turmoil, and she was realizing that her successful career wasn’t bringing her fulfillment. During that time in her life, some friends invited her to a gig in Guerneville, Ca. to see the band, “Lost At Last”.

“I can remember entering this old renovated theater and descending the stairs to where the band was playing, to discover an amazing woman singing in a language I had never heard. Her voice pierced my heart and I heard my inner voice say clearly, “you’re here to sing!"

To make a long story short, Trishna’s life changed. Her relationship ended, she retired from her career, took her retirement savings, bought a harmonium, an instrument used in India for sacred mantra chanting, and headed for the northern Ca. beaches, 30 minutes from her home. 

“I began the process of learning music along with Sanskrit mantras, mediation and yoga. I found myself going almost daily out in nature to practice.  More magic began happening after I received my first Martin guitar.  It was during those days of deep meditation in nature that I began learning guitar and eventually writing my own songs.  It’s as if the songs came from the Universe. It’s where most of my songs originated and still do today.”

Trishna began leading Kirtan in 2006 and offering her original songs since 2010 at various venues including café’s, bars, private events, and northern ca music festivals. She loves to travel and has offered her songs throughout the United States, Hawaii, Egypt, India, Guatemala, and Jamaica. Whether a planned gig, spontaneous walk-in, or out in nature, it doesn’t matter to her, she love’s to play and sing.

Thank You!!! For making Happy Waves of music for me to surf upon!!! Seriously, Listening to your music is like being on the ocean on a beautiful sunny day with only one obligation... to Be Calm, Joyous Contentment while cuddling my Heart.”

“It is a pleasure re-membering your music that transports to another now.”

“You are amazing. It gave me tears and chills listening to your beautiful music and voice! I can't wait to hear you again!”

“Your music and lyrics are incredibly heart opening, joy filled, and familiar to the soul. Each song rides the waves of inclusive bliss, inspired by your natural talent and adoring smile steeped in devotion.”   Graell Corsini, Founder, Goddess Temple of Ashland

Trishna has recently finished her first Cd, “It’s About Love”. Inspired in deep mediation by the quest for the Holy Grail and the idea of personal freedom. 

Trishna’s hopes and dreams for the future in music is driven by her desire to make a positive difference in our world and to serve humanity in the direction of global peace.

“The Universal Love’s Chant Concert.”

“There are 193 independent countries in our world. My dream is to gather one musical representative and their instrument, from every country forming a symphony.  We will learn one chant from each of the worlds top 10 religions and play together creating harmony in our separate belief systems. Celebrating diversity. This bypasses dialogue, which risks disharmony and creates PEACE. 


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