Universal Love's Chant Concert 

“The Universal Love’s Chant Concert.” 

“There are 193 independent countries in our world. My dream is to gather one musical representative and their instrument, from each country forming a symphony.  We will learn one chant from each of the worlds top 10 religions and play together creating harmony in our separate belief systems. This bypasses dialogue, which risks disharmony and creates PEACE.  My vision is that this concert is world wide televised, showing the whole world singing together, creating harmony in our separate beliefs and creating an opening for world peace. It can happen, I know it, I feel it, I dream it. “ 

“May all beings be happy, may all beings know Peace!”

Kiski River 

The song Kiski River was inspired by a river in Apollo Pennsylvania. I had the pleasure of traveling across the US, touring and playing music with a friend. We stayed with her family in Apollo and I admired the beautiful river, which flows through the area. They told me when they were growing up, the river was completely orange from the Steele mills dumping toxic waist into it. Historically the Kiski has been one of the most polluted rivers in the state. There was no life and they only went in to kill poison ivy. Today it is so clear that you can see the rocks, and YES, today there is good fishing. It moved me greatly. Her father saw my reaction and showed me where the people set up a watershed called the Roaring Run Watershed Association. This began a legacy of volunteer and government “partnerships” in raising funds for the preservation and maintenance of this precious resource. Currently they own and preserve 653 acres, which has nearly 15 miles of hiking/mountain bike trails. I spent my remaining time there writing this song on a rock while watching the river flow by. 

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